Wound Healing Society (Singapore)

Wounds and the caring of patients with wounds have undoubtedly improved in leaps and bounds over the last 20th Century. As a country rapidly taking on the responsibility of a developed nation, and the authorities predict that an aging population is set to increase as a percentage over the larger Singapore number.

Chronic Wounds in particular tend to be more prevalent in this sector of the population. The management of these patients will need to be guided by the current and relevant advances made by researches and the experience of the greater medical community of the world as a whole.

Moreover, these advances need to be checked and verified by scientific means. The establishment of the Wound Healing Society, Singapore is an endeavour to bring to the Singapore Medical Community awareness of the problem that will befall us in larger numbers in the years to follow. For example, the scourge of diabetes mellitus, accompanied by the myriad of complications as the disease advances, will challenge the nation and its people on developing the most efficacious and cost-effective way of managing the chronic wounds that are a common feature of this disease.

Across the spectrum of medical, paramedical and nursing careers, personnel will be confronted with these patients. How we deal with them must of necessity be a concerted front so that results will have some uniformity and instil in our patients the confidence that the wound care by our professionals is reliable and at the cutting edge of progress in wound care.

Welcome to the official website of the Wound Healing Society (Singapore). We became an entity on the 16th October 1999 with 66 participants from various health-related professionals and companies.

Objectives of the WHSS are as follows :

  • To set up an organization for the benefit of and to be of service to all persons with wounds and others interested in wound care and healing in Singapore.
  • To gather medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, research scientist, dentist and health professionals and interested individuals and organization to promote the scientific study of the causes, treatment and the practical care of wounds and to publicize information relating to all respects of wound healing and management.
  • To promote and co-ordinate wound healing and management research in the clinical and experimental setting in Singapore.
  • To enable co-operation among all countries by sharing available information in all ways possible, including affiliation to local, regional and international organizations related to wound healing and/or tissue repair.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, clinics or workshops whether on a global, regional or local basis and to organize surveys as to the incidence of acute wounds and prevalence of chronic wounds in Singapore.
  • To be the coordinating body for all members of the society in their approach to the Government, the Ministry of Health, any Government Department, Statuary Body, Government linked companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or dispensaries concerning the various activities that promote wound care and wound healing.