Committee Members

Dr. Chew Khong Yik

Position Title: Consultant

Professional Qualification: MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Edin), Mmed (Surg), FAMS (Plast Surg)

Institution / Department: Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Dr Chew obtained his medical qualification from NUS in 2002 and started working under SingHealth Pte Ltd since 2012. He was inspired to pursue a surgical career in head and neck cancer during his housemanship. He chose cancer reconstruction due to the challenges in this field for his surgical training. He pursued further training as a Microsurgery Fellow in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan where he learned advanced skills and gathered much experience in handling complex cases.

Dr Chew helps in the formation of the Singhealth-Duke-NUS Disease Centre (SDDC) for Head and Neck as well as the Liver Transplant SDDC. Dr Chew emphasizes training and education as the cornerstone in the improvement of clinical excellence. He takes a personal interest in residency teaching and is actively pursuing research in plastic surgery, wound healing, burns, reconstructive microsurgery and basic science in transplant immunology.

Dr Sivagame Maniya
(Vice President)

Position Title: Advanced Practice Nurse

Institution / Department: Sengkang General Hospital / Advanced Clinical & Specialty Nursing

Ms Sivagame Maniya is an Advanced Practice Nurse in vascular specialty for 18 years and heads a nurse-led collaborative leg ulcer clinic. She received her Doctorate in Nursing from Duke School of Nursing, USA. She attained her International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course Accreditation from University of Toronto and Post-Graduate certificate in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing from Curtin University. She is a member of World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) and European Wound Management Association.

Ms Siva has a keen interest in leg ulcers and maggot therapy and is a committee member for Guideline Development Group Venous Leg Ulcer Advisory Panel for the Australian Wound Management Association and Small Working Group member for International Pressure Injury Guideline (2019).

Ms. Chang Yee Yee

Credential: WOCN

Position Title: Nurse Clinician

Professional Qualification: Master of Nursing

Institution / Department: Dover Park Hospice

Ms Chang Yee Yee has attained her Master of Nursing In Western Australia and published her thesis title “Prevalence skin tears in an acute care setting in Singapore “. She shows great interest on wound management, pressure injuries, skin tears, surgical dehiscence wound, as well as head and neck wounds. She attained Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing) from Curtin University in 2012. She teaches actively in wound-related courses to nurses, allied health professionals. She is also appointed as the Secretary for Wound Healing Society of Singapore (WHSS). She had participated in the 2019 International Pressure Injury Clinical Practice Guideline development as a Guideline Governance Group Member.

Mr. Manfred Mak
(Vice Secretary)

Position Title: Senior Principal Podiatrist

Professional Qualification: BSc(Hons), MPH, FFPM RCPS (Glasg)

Institution / Department: Singapore General Hospital

Mr. Manfred Mak is a Senior Principal Podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital. He previously held the position of Head, Podiatry at Singapore General Hospital for 5 years before stepping down. Manfred was awarded the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Overseas Scholarship in 2006, graduated with First Class Honours in Podiatry from the University of Southampton and holds a Masters’ degree in Public Health from National University of Singapore. He was also awarded a Fellow of Faculty of Podiatric Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians, Glasgow.

Manfred completed his Health Manpower Development Plan in 2013, with Professor David G. Armstrong, a renowned Podiatric Surgeon, at the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance, University of Arizona Medical Centre, USA. He is active in research and his area of interest is in preventing and managing diabetic foot complications and limb salvage.

Ms. Ong Choo Eng

Position Title: Senior Nurse Clinician

Institution / Department: SGH, Speciality Nursing

Ms Ong Choo Eng is a Senior Nurse Clinician and has been a Stoma Care Nurse since 2003. She was trained in Wound, Ostomy & Continence in School of Nursing in 1993 and was awarded HMDP scholarship to St’s Mark Hospital, London in United Kingdom in 1999 to further enhance her skills on Stoma Care. She is currently in Singapore General Hospital and is leading a team of Wound Care Team. She is very experience in stoma and fistula management.

Her role includes pre-operative counseling, post-operative teaching, managing Enterocutanous fistula and complex perianal wound. She is greatly involved in hospital-wide training on Stoma and Wound Management related courses. She is also a Clinical Preceptors for Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing (Wound, Ostomy and Continence practice) by Curtin University.

Ms. Nanthakumahrie D/O Gunasegaran
(Vice Treasurer)

Position Title: Nurse Clinician (Research)

Institution / Department: Singapore General Hospital/ Nursing Research

Ms Nanthakumahrie has 17 years of experience as a nurse. After being as a ward Nurse Clinician, she has moved to Nursing Research to embark on a new role and learn to merge clinical practices with scientific evident findings. She has keen interest in wound care and is a certified Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurse. She was a resource person and ward wound care champion. She also actively participates in SingHealth inaugural ‘Stop Pressure Injury’ day contributing extensively to the Pressure Injury Booth. She is one of the trainers in SGH Wound Management Course and covers Pressure Injuries and Incontinence Associated Dermatitis Topics. Currently, she is doing wound care related research projects.

Ms. Esther Loh
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Nurse specialist

Professional Qualification: WOCN, Bachelor of Science (Nursing)

Institution / Department: The Surgical Oncology Clinic/ The Wound and Ostomy

Ms Esther Loh has 14 years of experience as a registered nurse. Having obtained her basic training, she pursued an Advance Diploma in Medical and Surgical Nursing, Certification in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing and a degree in Nursing.

Ms Esther’s current scope of work involves patient care- pre, post and intra operatively. Such as pre and post operative wound/ ostomy counselling and teaching and assisting the surgeons intra-operatively.

Prior to joining the private practice, she had worked in a local restructured hospital as a wound and ostomy nurse, providing nursing services in the related field to patients and was involved in regular training sessions for fellow nurses.

Ms. Lee Wei Lin Renee
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Principal Podiatrist

Professional Qualification: BPodMed (Aus)

Institution / Department: Atlas Podiatry Clinic

Ms Renee Lee graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine under the Singapore General Hospital Scholarship Award. She practiced at the Singapore General Hospital from 2015 – 2020 and is currently working as a Principal Podiatrist at Atlas Podiatry Clinic. She also served on the committee of the Podiatry Association (Singapore) from 2015 – 2020.

Renee has over 6 years of experience treating diabetic foot, geriatric and musculoskeletal conditions. Her keen interest in the diabetic foot led her to develop a specialized clinic in SGH Podiatry Department to address complex diabetic foot ulcer problems. She also volunteers in diabetes outreach events to raise awareness and provide education to the public regarding the importance of diabetic foot care.

Ms. Tan Hui Min
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Senior Staff Nurse

Institution / Department: Tan Tock Seng Hospital / Nursing Speciality

Ms Tan is a passionate nurse who has a keen interest in Wound and Ostomy care. She graduated from Griffith University and had broad clinical experience in various units within private setting, acute and community hospital. She obtained her certificate in ICW WoundExpert in 2019.

She runs a nurse-led Wound & Ostomy clinic and attends to inpatient referrals which are wound and ostomy related. She is actively involved in wound-related research studies and clinical education to nurses. She is also an inquisitive learner and constantly keeping herself up-to-date with the latest wound care practices.

Ms. Goh Boon Ai Susie
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Wound Clinician

Professional Qualification: Post Graduate Certificate in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

Institution / Department: St Luke’s

Ms Susie Goh has attained her Stoma Care and Continence Management Certificate in 1993, Singapore, Wound Management Certificate at University of South Australia, Faculty of Nursing, 1997 and Post Graduate Certificate in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair, Cardiff University in 2005. She has a deep passion and interest in wound care, particularly in the management of skin tear, pressure injury, vascular ulcers and ostomy care.

Ms Susie chair the Pressure Injury Committee for the ILTC sector. She has taught in several wound courses for nurses and has conducted wound care related workshops. She has been a committee member for the Wound Healing Society of Singapore since October 1999.

Ms. Tan Wei Xian
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Nurse Clinician

Professional Qualification: Dip Nursing, BN, Adv Dip Nursing (Critical Care), Grad Dip Clinical Nursing (WOCN)

Institution / Department: SGH Division of Nursing, Speciality Nursing (Vascular Care)

Ms Tan Wei Xian has been in Nursing since her graduation in 2005 with a diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore. Over the years, She had gained valuable experience working at medical ward, Emergency department and Intensive Care Unit in Singapore General hospital (SGH). In her role as Nurse Clincian in Vascular care service , She is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating nursing administration, practice, education and research for Vascular Nursing and provide wound care for vascular patients.

She has completed her Master in Clinical Nursing at Curtin University in 2019. She is also actively involved in teaching and doing research studies related to wound care. She is the clinical preceptor for the trainees for Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing) by Curtin University. She has also contributed to the International Pressure Injury Clinical Practice Guideline (2019) development as a Small Work Group Member.

She is committee member of Wound Healing Society Singapore (WHSS) and member of The World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET). Her research interest lies in chronic wound management, infection in wound, and vascular leg ulcers, with a keen focus on improving healthcare experiences for adult patients with wound issues.

Ms. Wang Chunmei
(Committee Member)

Position Title: Clinician / Advanced Practice Nurse

Institution / Department: Changi General Hospital

My areas of interests are in wound care, vascular and geriatric nursing. Wound healing is very much an art to me. In 2012, I completed HMDP on novel wound care techniques in diabetic limb salvage at Diabetic Foot Center in Instituto Clinico Citta Studi Milano, Italy. Subsequently, I embarked on Master of Nursing from the National University of Singapore in 2014 and became a full fledged Advanced Practice Nurse in Vascular in 2017.